Behind the scenes at "Dragon and the Hawk"

What goes on behind the cameras is at least as upside-down and turned around as the picture being made; the order that scenes are filmed in has nothing to do with the order in which they appear when the movie is assembled and edited from all the different shots. We filmed parts of the end in the beginning, parts of the beginning at the end..and even some parts in the middle right in the middle, just to make sure everybody was completely confused.

Here Trygve's trying to keep in character while Kathleen, our makeup goddess is touching up his makeup. (if you knew Kathleen, I bet you'd agree that "makeup goddess" is the right title) A complex fight scene might last a minute or less on screen, but still take days to film--and days are usually at least ten hours long. The day that this particular picture was taken, it was about fourteen hours for the performers (and Kathleen) who came in early so they'd be done with makeup and wardrobe and ready to go by the time the rest of the crew arrived.

You have to try extra hard to look menacing while you're having your makeup touched up.

You have to try extra hard to look menacing while your makeup is being touched up
Barbara in makeup

In Barbara's case, of course, they just want to make sure she looks lovely for taking out some bad guys. Of course, Barbara probably couldn't keep from looking great even if she tried, but they still dab on a bit here and there anyway 'cause, well, it's part of the job description.

Getting the scenes lit correctly can be a very time-consuming process--and at the same time the scene is being lit, the actor might be spending that long in makeup, with a makeup artist working equally hard and long to make sure he or she looks properly "natural" (or "unnatural" depending on the part...). Heather from wardrobe is sitting in for Trygve while he's in makeup so they'll know what the scene would look like if the other actors confront Therion in his domain rather than face off against an empty chair.

Heather was also willing to be Trygve's stunt double, but we didn't do anything arduous enough that day to need her for that.

even villains need proper lighting
Barbara and Julian

Barbara and Julian joking off-camera.

Mark flings Marcellus

Mark likes to work out his tensions by throwing stunt performers around.

Our sound crew is always so hyper....

Dave and the sound equipment
Julian meditating

Julian meditates for a moment on what life and the catering service has to offer.

Once the rest of us are in front of the camera, Jane, our wardrobe supervisor, gets a moment to relax--at least until we start getting ready for the next scene....

Jane Nelson-Rud
Mark plots fiendishly

Mark rubs his hands together evilly as he thinks up new dramatic twists.

Sometimes one fears that Mark enjoys aspects of his work a little too much....

Mark and more automatic weapons

Barbara's not going to let Trygve be the only one doing muscle poses for the camera.

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