Julian Jung Lee
Barbara Gehring
Trygve Lode
Michelle Grove
Gary Hansbrough
Gayle Galvez
Mark Grove
Darlene Cypser
Bob Gosnell

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Cast and Crew

Dragon and the Hawk


Julian Lee
Dragon Pak

Barbara Gehring
Dana "Hawk" Hawkins


Trygve Lode




cast and crew




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Donald Richardson as Edgar Dante Edgar Dante
Donald Richardson
Captain Moreland
Gary Hansbrough
Gary Hansbrough as Captain Moreland
Steve Sealy as Jules Jules
Steve Sealy
Cindi Pak
Gayle Galvez
Gayle Galvez as Cindi Pak
Norman Dehm as Adama Adama
Norman Dehm
Michelle Grove
Michelle Grove as Mai'im
Allen Heaton as Aish Aish
Allen Heaton
Sam Del Rio
Sam Del Rio as Aveer
Rob Johnson as Harv Harv
Rob Johnson
Steve Fite
Steve Fite as Jeremy
George Elliot as Stan Hawkins Stan Hawkins
George Elliot
Lora Chan
Jennifer Kahler
Jennifer Kahler as Lora Chan
Michelle Jasinski as Jennifer Hawkins Jennifer Hawkins
Michelle Jasinski
Trina Magness
Trina Magness as Aleese
Anna Hadzi as Pauline
Anna Hadzi
Taxi Driver
Phil Martinez
Phil Martinez as the Taxi Driver
Daryl Rolando as Colonel Maxwell Colonel Maxwell
Daryl Rolando
Apartment Superintendant
Michael L. Amory
Michael L. Armory as the Apartment Superintendant
Ken Witt as Vincent Vincent
Ken Witt
Cathryn Farnsworth
Cathryn Farnsworth as Diana
Sunshine Diaz as the Waitress Waitress
Sunshine Diaz
Foreign Girl
Leslie Bova
Leslie Bova as the Foreign Girl
Kate Lynott as the Doctor Doctor
Kate Lynott
Laura Elliott
Laura Elliott as the Nurse
Laurel Sheridan as Therion's Bodyguard #1 Therion's Bodyguard #1
Laurel Sheridan
Therion's Bodyguard #2
Alex Wilder
Alex Wilder as Therion's Bodyguard #2
Chris Dressler as Gabriel Gabriel
Chris Dressler
Edgar's captive
Jamie Shoup
Jamie Shoup as Edgar's Captive
Kate Ford as the Bartender Bartender
Kate Ford
Leigh Ann Post
Leigh Ann Post as the Shopkeeper
Brian McCulley as the Macao Agent Macao Agent
Brian McCulley
Russian Agent
Marni Brooks
Marni Brooks as the Russian Agent
Natalie Smith as the Modeling Agent Modeling Agent
Natalie Smith
Police Detective
Ron Montoya
Ron Montoya as the Police Detective
Ted Newsome as Police Officer #1 Police Officer #1
Officer Ted Newsome
Police Officer #2
Officer Susan L. Gann
Susan L. Gann as Police Officer #2
Christian Lertch as the Squadroom Officer Squadroom Officer
Officer Christian Lertch
Vice Cop
Karl Nealer
Karl Nealer as the Vice Cop
Scott Sheely as the Lab Technician Lab technician
Scott Sheely
Travis Torres
Travis Torres as the Bystander

Zone Cab Driver
Roseanna Martinez
Denver Express Shuttle Driver
Lee Crawford

AMR Paramedic
Corey Davidson
Michelle Munoz

Additional Stunt Fighters:

Adrian Affatica Jeff Clapp Jeff Dunhill
Tim Foley Bob James Ryan Payne
Ruselis Perry Jenny Stone Steven Stroelein
Brian Topor Ryan White

Voice Talent:

Christina B Brett McEntire Gene Brown
Vivienne Roberts Pete Conners Jennifer Stone
George Flynn Steven Vestey Ed Mann
Liz White

Executive Producer Trygve Lode
Producer Darlene Cypser
Director Mark Steven Grove
1st Assistant Director Marilyn Casselman
2nd Assistant Director Jeff Archuleta
Director of Photography Charles Gary
1st Assistant Cameraman Christopher Bullock
2nd Assistant Cameramam Tod Boyle
Loader Eric "Johnny Honda" O'Conner
2nd Unit Director of Photography James Goldworthy
2nd Unit 1st Assistant Cameraman Tod Boyle
Video Assist Patrick Q. Robinson
Production Sound Mixer Dave Schaaf
Boom Operator Mark D. Kilburn
Cableman/2nd Boom Devendra D. Cleary
Cableman Bryan Strickland
Production Manager Cathryn Farnsworth
Script Supervisor Laura Lee
Extras Coordinator Natalie Smith
Art Director Randy Price
Key Makeup & Hair Artist Kathleen Kennec
Lead Man Paul Alman
Art Designer/Coordinator Matt Mountjoy
Pickup Set Dresser Jason Doty
Wardrobe Supervisor Jane L. Nelson-Rud
Wardrobe Assistant Heather Lynn Emerich
Makeup Assistant Cynthia Montgomery
Makeup Assistant Raymond Collins
Swing Gang Dave Richter
Swing Gang Bryan Turbett
Gaffer Terry Moses
Rigging Gaffer/Best Boy Mark Alston
Dolly Grip Ralph Walters
Grip/Electric Steve Paull
Grip Paul Eichler
Grip Bradley Reed
2nd Unit Gaffer Mark Alston
Transportation Captain Steve Waltman
Driver/Generator Operator Dennis J. Steele
Driver/Grip Mathew Waltman
Stunt Coordinator Daryl Rolando
Special Effects Assistant Michelle Grove
Stunts & FX Assistant Norman Dehm
Action Consultant Greg Anderson
Production Assistant Lisa Boehm
Production Assistant Jamel Caver
Production Assistant Gordon Eaton III
Production Assistant Bryan Morrill
Production Assistant Clinton Perry
Production Assistant Rob Rapplean
Still Photographers Michael Myers
Steve Waltman
Kathy Bush
Fintan Gerard-Roche
Laura VanTine
Composer Guy L. Bianchini
Additional Music By: George M. Pulcino II
Original Screenplay by: Robert Gosnell
Story by: Christophe Clark
Robert Gosnell
and Julian Jung Lee
Negative Cut by: Carl N. Hunsaker
Editor George Ball
Audio Post Production Supervisor George Flynn
Audio Post Engineer Randy Hansen
Foley Artist John Doryk
Surround Mixer and
Re-recording Engineer
Bruce C. Marshall
Assistant Re-recording Engineer Haidee Chaman
Editing and Additional Locations at: Colorado Studios
Film Processing FotoKem
Tiles by: Tile House
Video Transfer, Timing, and Credits by: Crosspoint
Audio Post Production: Fanfare Productions, LLC
Surround Mix: Digital Media Center, Denver
Logo Designed by Chistopher Cypser
Motorcycles Provided by Norman Dehm
Firearms Provided by K-2 Firearms
Vehicles Provided by Bruce Crowley
Fred Mason
and Bill Waldschmidt

Pre-Production & March 1999 Production
by Sun Films, Inc., also included:

Associate Producer David "Jeepers" Skaggs
Assistant Producer Denice Steele
Production Manager Linda Englund
2nd 2nd Assistant Director Terri James
Production Designer Rob Westan
Art Director Jim Hill
Set Decorator/Prop Master Jamie Stewart-Curl
Wardrobe Assistant Adam E. Moon
Wardrobe Assistant Tamara Becker
Makeup/Hair Artist Jeanette Carr
Set Dresser Richard Pietsch
Construction Coordinator Jeff Gruber
Gaffer Graham Green
Best Boy Grip/ Electric Matt Patterson
Grip/Electric Donatus Agbakwu
Grip James Hatridge
Grip Rob Raker
Nurse Deb Powell
Publicist Mary Conway
Craft Services Rick Sorenson
Casting Peggy Larson of
Colorado Casting
Driver John Powell
Assistant Publicist Kathy Bush
Swing Gang Ted Kuenz
Swing Gang Steve Malmborg
Graphic Designer Dave Magoun
Production Assistant John Clark
Production Assistant Jonta Davis
Production Assistant Dominic Fanelli III
Production Assistant Kevin Ling
Production Assistant Jessica Lockfield
Production Assistant Laura VanTine

Mai'im wants to meet you
Dragon and the Hawk

Dragon and the Hawk