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Somewhere in between "Lethal Weapon" and "Xena" lurks the world of Dragon and the Hawk, an action/adventure film that draws the viewer from the comfortable daylight world into a dark underworld of crime and human experimentation.





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Barbara Gehring as `The Hawk'

Haunted by her sister's death, Police Lieutenant Dana "Hawk" Hawkins, investigates the similar death of a young Asian girl. Hawk believes the deaths are related, but no one in the department believes her.

Meanwhile, martial arts master Dragon Pak, comes to America searching for his missing sister, Cindi, who came to the U.S. to pursue a career in modeling.

Dragon asking questions in FashioNation

Cindi modeling

After searching Cindi's abandoned apartment for clues, Dragon goes to question her employers.

When Dragon asks about his sister at Vic's Bar, the bartender tells him to get out.

Pay stub from Vic's

Edgar Dante in Vic's Bar

He continues asking questions until he is confronted by Edgar Dante and his thugs.

Julian Lee as Dragon Pak

They follow him out into the parking lot intent on attacking him. There they are spotted by The Hawk who was questioning a pedestrian.

The Hawk investigates

Dragon and The Hawk conquer the thugs and compare notes.

Despite Captain Moreland's objections, the Hawk helps Dragon look for his sister.

Just when clues surface connecting the dead and missing girls to the Edgar Dante's "Inferno" club, Dragon is arrested. Hawk believes he was set up, but Moreland is intent on sending Dragon to immigration for deportation. What is she to do?

The Inferno Mezzanine


What has Dante been doing with these girls? Who is this Therion? And what is the Ophidian Order?

To answer these questions, Dragon and Hawk join forces. They infiltrate the Inferno and uncover the secret of its dungeons and follow Cindi's trail to the laboratory of the sinister Therion.

Therion's Lair

Therion and his agents

Will Dragon find his sister alive?

Have Dragon and the Hawk taken on more than they can handle?

Mai'im attacks

Dragon fights agents of the Ophidian Order The deadly Mai'im

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Dragon and the Hawk

Dragon and the Hawk